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NRW.INVEST News 2014-02

NRW.INVEST News provides you with regular information on key topics for investors.

Download (PDF, 691 kB)

Investment Guide to North Rhine-Westphalia

From bank account to visa. How to access and set up business in North Rhine-Westphalia - Your investment location in Europe.

Download (PDF, 3958 kB)

Image Brochure "In the best of company. North Rhine-Westphalia - Your investment location in Europe"

A descriptive documentation of the outstanding economic conditions and high quality of life in North Rhine-Westphalia.

Download (PDF, 7294 kB)

Location Brochure "New chances in North Rhine-Westphalia. Your investment location in Europe - Facts. Figures"

The advantages of North Rhine-Westphalia as a location at a glance: economic data, commercial relations, transport infrastructure, research and development, culture and leisure.

Download (PDF, 3729 kB)

Brochure „Innovation at ist best – Highlights from North Rhine-Westphalia“

North Rhine-Westphalia provides top achievements in many areas. The brochure is devoted to these top achievements presenting innovations from a wide range from industries, which exemplify a state marked by top achievements.

Download (PDF, 3201 kB)

Brochure "Logistics at its best: North Rhine-Westphalia – World-class Logistics Expertise"

Good prospects for Germany’s leading logistics region: Its central location and outstanding infrastructure, concentrated know-how and a renowned research landscape attract companies and investors seeking to establish or expand a location in Europe.

Download (PDF, 3500 kB)

Brochure "ElektroMobil.NRW / Electric mobility in North Rhine-Westphalia"

Come on board, join the ride! The expertise in the automotive industry and the excellent energy technology knowhow present in North Rhine-Westphalia provide ideal conditions for innovative solutions in the field of electric mobility.

Download (PDF, 3662 kB)

Brochure "PrimeSite Rhine Region - Your investment location in Europe"

Here you can find all important facts and figure on the exclusive commercial site PrimeSite Rhine Region in Euskirchen/Weilerswist, a top location for large scale investment projects.

Download (PDF, 2547 kB)

Brochure "Market analysis - ICT application areas in North Rhine-Westphalia"

The market analysis, which was executed by FTK Research Institute for Telecommunications on behalf of NRW.INVEST, demonstrates the use of information and telecommunication technologies in the key industries logistics, energy, chemicals & plastics, mechanical enginering and healthcare.

Download (PDF, 2626 kB)

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