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Investment Guide to North Rhine-Westphalia

From bank account to visa. How to access and set up business in North Rhine-Westphalia - Your investment location in Europe.

Download (PDF, 6624 kB)

NRW.INVEST - your partner in successful investments in Germany

We provide entrepreneurs with all the support they need from the most reliable source – the state’s very own economic development agency, NRW.INVEST.

Download (PDF, 841 kB)

New opportunities in North Rhine-Westphalia. Your investment location No. 1 in Germany - Facts. Figures

The advantages of North Rhine-Westphalia as a location at a glance: economic data, commercial relations, transport infrastructure, research and development, culture and leisure.

Download (PDF, 1073 kB)

Logistics at its best: North Rhine-Westphalia – World-class Logistics Expertise

Good prospects for Germany’s leading logistics region: Its central location and outstanding infrastructure, concentrated know-how and a renowned research landscape attract companies and investors seeking to establish or expand a location in Europe.

Download (PDF, 2831 kB)

ElektroMobil.NRW / Electric mobility in North Rhine-Westphalia

Come on board, join the ride! The expertise in the automotive industry and the excellent energy technology knowhow present in North Rhine-Westphalia provide ideal conditions for innovative solutions in the field of electric mobility.

Download (PDF, 3374 kB)

PrimeSite Rhine Region - Your investment location no. 1 in Germany

Here you can find all important facts and figure on the exclusive commercial site PrimeSite Rhine Region in Euskirchen/Weilerswist, a top location for large scale investment projects.

Download (PDF, 3919 kB)

Innovation at ist best – Highlights from North Rhine-Westphalia

North Rhine-Westphalia provides top achievements in many areas. The brochure is devoted to these top achievements presenting innovations from a wide range from industries, which exemplify a state marked by top achievements.

Download (PDF, 3201 kB)

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"Logistics at its best: North Rhine-Westphalia – World-class Logistics Expertise"

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