Mechanical engineering in NRW

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Mechanical engineering in NRW

Mechanical engineering is a core area of the economy in NRW and the biggest industrial employer with about 205,500 employees (20.5 percent of the German total in this industry). Its companies are enablers and technology leaders in many areas, incorporating the latest developments into plants and products. By doing so, they put themselves and their customers in a position to bring innovative technologies and products to market. With pioneering technologies covering the entire value added chain they make a key contribution to securing supply, conserving resources and using energy efficiently. The very large majority of the industry has a small and medium-sized company structure. A dense network of universities with institutes geared to production technology provides world-class potential, enabling industrial development to be strengthened by the necessary scientific support. In 2013, the share of industry sales accounted for by the around 1,500 NRW businesses was 21.5 percent. The largest companies in the industry include Claas, DMG MORI SEIKI (formerly Gildemeister), GEA and SMS.

Number of companies *
NRW's share of German companies

24.2 %

Employees *
NRW's share of German employees

20.5 %

Sales *
Thereof foreign sales
NRW's share of German sales

47.9 EUR bn
60.9 %
21.5 %

Average monthly earnings

4,140 EUR

Exports **
NRW's share of German exports

29.4 EUR bn
18.1 %

Imports **
NRW's share of German imports

13.5 EUR bn
20.1 %

Source: IT.NRW; data: as of 2013
* the figures refer to mechanical engineering (C 28) and companies with 20 and more employees; they are based on the new "Classification of Economic Activities (WZ 2008)".
** the figures refer to foreign trade statistics North Rhine-Westphalia


The most important buyer countries (in %)

Pie chart; most important buyer countries in percent

The most important supplier countries (in %)

Pie chart; most important supplier countries in percent

Source: IT.NRW, Foreign trade statistics North Rhine-Westphalia; data: as of 2013

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