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DOaccelerate - Digital Week

Are you interested in an easy access to the German market? Do you want to collaborate with companies from Dortmund and the surrounding region in Germany? We have got a solution for you: DOaccelerate!

DOaccelerate is a digital program with a compact runtime of only one week especially for companies from Dortmund, the Ruhr Area and South Westphalia. So how does it work? Our partner companies have formulated real challenges in their day-to-day business in different areas, for which they are seeking a solution. If you think you are the right candidates to solve one of the problems, simply apply and convince the companies to choose you. The most promising approaches are invited to a digital week program from 7th to 11th of September 2020 to work with the companies on a solution, which might be extended to a subsequent cooperation.

Curious? Visit the website https://www.doaccelerate.de for more information and apply for the challenges. The end of the application period is August, 15th 2020. So hurry up and get a first taste of the German market in these challenging times!

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions

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