The food industry in NRW
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The food industry in NRW

Millions of potential customers in Germany and other countries, a broad industry mix, plus the availability of competitive suppliers – these are the defining characteristics of the food industry in NRW. The value chain begins in the agricultural input sectors and extends via the food processing industry and skilled crafts to the food retailing and catering/restaurant trades. Numerous enterprises (especially SMEs) in NRW operate successfully in the food sector on the basis of innovative products, process and market strategies.

Did you know ...

… that NRW has 51 restaurants with a grand total of 56 Michelin stars?

... that almost half of NRW's area is used for agriculture?

... that NRW is one of the three most important agricultural locations in Germany?

Food industry in NRW | Quick Facts

4 out of 10

in NRW
Ranked in terms of sales, four of Germany’s top ten food retailers are based in NRW: Rewe (3rd place), Aldi Group (4th) and Metro (5th) and Lekkerland (6th).

More than 1.000

are in the food-processing industry with more than 109,000 employees in total.

41 bn. €

annual sales
They generate annual sales of nearly EUR 41 billion; nearly a quarter of the total German turnover.

International trade show "anuga": a magnet for the food industry

The food industry in NRW - Anuga 2017

Held in Cologne every two years, "anuga" is the world’s largest and most important food and beverages trade show. The ten trade fairs that make up "anuga" unite the global industry and bring together producers, importers, wholesalers and decision-makers from throughout the food industry. Thanks to the large proportion of foreign participants among the trade visitors (75 percent), anuga 2019 reasserted its role as the international trading hub for foods and beverages.


Food companies in NRW

Numerous global food industry players are located in NRW:


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