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NRW: The Best Move

Tower Bridge cannot be moved to Düsseldorf, Cologne, Dortmund or Essen but your business can grow there. Check out Europe‘s best location: North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) Germany‘s most populous state. More foreign investments flows into NRW than into any other German state. Over 20,000 international companies have already decided in favor of NRW and control their German or European operations from NRW. Apart from well-known British companies like AO, Dyson, GKN, Lush and Vodafone, we host global companies such as 3M, Ford, Huawei, QVC, Toyota. 1,100 Chinese, 600 Japanese, 100 Indian and 1,645 US companies already feel at home in NRW.

NRW is unique in many ways. Profit from the countless possibilities and conditions the state has to offer you. Regardless of your industry or the project concerned, this is where you find the ideal prerequisites for new opportunities. Contact us – we will gladly convince you, too.

We, the state-owned economic development agency NRW.INVEST, support companies to invest and to set up in Germany‘s number one investment location: NRW. With our „One Stop Service“, we accompany you and your investment project from the first step to successful completion and beyond.

Top places in the "European Cities and Regions of the Future" Award

Imagine a place ...

Both the figures and the survey results confirm NRW as the No. 1 investment location: In this year's ranking "European Cities and Regions of the Future 2018" conducted by fDi Magazine, a subsidiary of the British business paper The Financial Times, in a Europe-wide comparison of the large regions with more than four million inhabitants, NRW occupies first place in the category "Human Capital and Lifestyle" ahead of the regions South East England and Paris. One of the decisive criteria for North Rhine-Westphalia‘s top ranking is the density of universities, colleges and other research institutes in the state. NRW also scores well with its large number of students, around 92,000 of whom come from abroad. The new awards confirm the unbroken attractiveness and efficiency of NRW as the business location in mainland Europe.

Site locator NRW

To help you make the most of your business opportunities in NRW, you can now find the business location that is best-suited to your individual preferences and needs using just a few clicks. The NRW site locator lets you pick and rate the location factors that are most relevant to your business. Your preferences are then matched with data on up to 40 different indicators to determine the top 3 regions in NRW that are the best fit for your business.

Start the site locator now, to find the regions in NRW that are best-suited to your individual business needs!

Andrew Harfoot
Andrew Harfoot

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Germany’s No. 1 Economic Region

The excellent infrastructure, the central location and the high qualifications of the people make North Rhine-Westphalia an economic power of international standing. In terms of numerous economic statistics, NRW is world class.

The top 10 location factors in NRW

We have listed the ten most compelling arguments in favor of North Rhine-Westphalia.