NRW is one of the most important automotive locations in Germany. The automotive industry in NRW is broadly based, ranging from internationally active corporations in conventional vehicle construction, through the medium-sized supply industry, to electric mobility and automated driving.


The innovative strength of the biotechnology location NRW is characterized by a first-class scientific landscape, internationally successful global players and dynamic SMEs from the chemical and pharmaceutical industry as well as numerous young start-ups.

Chemical Industry

NRW is the most important chemical location in Germany. The industry location is characterized by first-class research as well as a special mix of a broad range of medium-sized companies and numerous internationally successful large corporations.

Digital Economy

The digital location NRW is characterized by a high density of industrial and commercial companies, innovative start-ups and a broad-based ICT sector. Together they are driving digital change forward. New business models, services and products are emerging.


NRW is Europe's most advanced and most important energy region. It is not only home to internationally active energy suppliers, large companies with energy-intensive production and power plant constructors, but also to numerous developers, suppliers and users of new technologies in the energy sector.


The food industry in NRW benefits from its proximity to millions of customers at home and abroad, a broad sector mix, the availability of efficient suppliers of all kinds and the wide range of universities and research institutes.


The healthcare industry in NRW is regarded as an engine of growth and innovation. Particularly in the field of medical technology, companies from NRW occupy a leading international position. In addition, the health industry in the state is characterized by a broad-based pharmaceutical industry with numerous global players.

Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 is revolutionizing the production process – and NRW, as Germany's industrial heartland, plays a key role here. The close cooperation between research and businesses, the outstanding infrastructure and broad-based ICT sector make North Rhine-Westphalia a dynamically fast-growing market.

Information & Communication Technology

In NRW, the ICT sector is both an important pillar and a powerful driver for the economy and especially for digitization. This is where entrepreneurs, researchers and investors find the ICT know-how to help shape the development of Industry 4.0, for example.


The plastics industry in NRW comprises plastics producers, processors and machine builders and a broad scientific, research and service landscape which is unique in Europe in this concentration and composition. The research-intensive industry finds ideal conditions for innovation here.


As a logistics location North Rhine-Westphalia scores points above all with its extraordinary infrastructure. Direct connections to the Belgian and Dutch seaports and the closely meshed transport network make NRW one of the most important logistics locations in Europe.

Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineering companies based in NRW make a key contribution to security of supply, conservation of resources and efficient energy use. Numerous hidden champions develop highly specialized products in their markets for which they are internationally renowned.

Media Location

NRW is one of the most highly-developed media regions in Europe, with TV and radio stations, network operators and content providers. In addition to international corporations, market-leading TV stations and a lively film scene, the gaming industry has also developed dynamically in NRW.

Nanotechnology & Microsystems Technology

A strong research landscape and the close connectivity of industry and science in NRW contribute to high innovation speed. Companies from Germany and abroad benefit from the market dynamics of these key technologies.

New Materials

North Rhine-Westphalia is a classic materials state with a focus on metals and plastics, but also with modern, functionalized multi-material solutions. Outstanding scientific research institutions and the high concentration of important materials-processing industries, some of which have a long tradition, make the location a region with high materials expertise.


Many millions of private and business travelers from Germany and abroad come to NRW every year. They generate considerable sales – not only in tourism, but also in many other sectors such as the hotel and restaurant industry or retail.

This speaks well for NRW

A dynamic business location with convincing location factors, situated in the heart of Europe: NRW is the most important economic region in Germany and has been the No. 1 investment location for foreign companies in Germany for years.

Investors FAQ

What you need to know as an investor? We have compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions about investments, organizational and legal conditions and funding opportunities in NRW. Read them for yourself!

Vacant commercial sites and real estate in NRW

North Rhine-Westphalia has more than 1,000 vacant commercial sites and properties in top locations. NRW.Global Business will be pleased to support you with offers in your search for the best location for your investment project in NRW.

International companies in NRW

More and more international companies choose North Rhine-Westphalia as an investment location every year. According to the ORBIS Europe company database, more than 20,000 foreign companies have already settled in NRW.

How to do business in NRW

Do you have questions about entry regulations, tax issues and relevant laws for your investment project? You can find all the important information on setting up a company and other practical answers in our Business Guide.

Choose your location

Whether founding a company or expanding. Explore NRW, filter various criteria and find your own personal piece of North Rhine-Westphalia with the best conditions for your optimal choice of location.

Economic regions

North Rhine-Westphalia is a state of diversity. Like its landscape and people, Germany's most populous state offers a wide variety of economic regions.


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