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Deutz to produce hydrogen engine in series

Cologne-based engine manufacturer invests in pilot project

© NRW.Global Business | AdobeStock

© NRW.Global Business | AdobeStock

In cooperation with the energy service provider Rhein Energie AG, the engine specialist Deutz is planning to launch a pilot test of stationary power generation based on a hydrogen-powered engine and a connected generator. A practical test is planned as early as the beginning of next year at the Cologne-Niehl combined heat and power plant. The investment costs come to around 1.3 million euros. "For Deutz, the development is a milestone in contributing as a company to achieving the Paris climate goals," said CEO Dr. Frank Hiller.

Starting in 2024, the six-cylinder TCG 7.8 H2 hydrogen engine with power of around 200 kilowatts is to go into series production and will be suitable for tractors, construction machinery, commercial vehicles and rail vehicles. Dieter Steinkamp, CEO of Rhein Energie, sees great potential for the compact unit, as well as for the decentralized supply of electricity and heat to buildings and neighborhoods.