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Intelligent plastic from Troisdorf

Reifenhäuser working on solution for the worldwide waste problem

© NRW.Global Business

© NRW.Global Business

More recycling and significantly less useless plastic waste. That is the vision of the Troisdorf-based mechanical engineering company Reifenhäuser and a dozen other companies that have joined forces in the R-Cycle project. With the help of recyclable plastic and a free app, this is to become reality.

"Plastic packaging is partly unnecessary or it could perform the same function with less material," explains Daniel Lamers, Executive Assistant and Manager Corporate Projects at Reifenhäuser. To this end, the company has developed a technology with which film can be produced from only one plastic, the so-called mono film. The aim is for this single-variety packaging to be melted down separately and reprocessed into high-quality products. To ensure that it is automatically recognized by waste-sorting systems, the participants in the R-Cycle project have developed an invisible watermark that is incorporated into the mono films. This contains information about the individual components of the plastic, which can be scanned using a smartphone app.