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New competence center for cyber security in Bonn and Bochum

Free consultations for more protection against hacker attacks

© NRW.Global Business | iStock

© NRW.Global Business | iStock

The number of cyber attacks on companies is on the rise, and almost half of all companies in North Rhine-Westphalia have already fallen victim to an attack. To be better prepared for hackers, small and medium-sized companies can get free advice from specialists at the new competence centers in Bonn and Bochum. Here they can learn, among other things, how to protect themselves against attacks and what to do if they have fallen victim to an attack.

The sites are financed by the NRW Ministry of Economic Affairs with a total of three million euros. NRW Economics Minister Andreas Pinkwart indicated that there will be further financial support in the future as the need for advice is growing just as much as the risk of a cyber attack.