ドイツNRWジャパン【炉端会議 ライブ配信】新型コロナ下のドイツでのM&A およびドイツへの進出 - 危機をチャンスに

NRW Japan K.K. Fireplace WebTalk” The English Text follows below

2020年6月26日のライブ配信終了 The live streaming on June 26, 2020 has ended.






今般のNRW Japan Fireplace WebTalk(NRWジャパン炉端会議 ライブ配信)では、新型コロナ下のドイツでのM&A およびドイツ・NRW州への進出をテーマに事例を紹介しながら、ドイツでご活躍のアーキス法律事務所およびKPMGドイツにお話しいただきます。

日時:2020626日(金) 16:00 – 17:50 (JST)  参加費無料


  • 司会: 株式会社NRWジャパン 代表取締役社長 ゲオルグ・ロエル
  • 講師: アーキス法律事務所(デュッセルドルフ)ドイツ弁護士 法学博士 Dr. 山口 茂雄  / ドイツ弁護士 エバハルド・ハファマルツ
  • 講師: KPMGドイツ  グローバル・ジャパニーズ・プラクティス  シニアマネージャー  公認会計士 岡本 悠甫 (デュッセルドルフ )/  ドイツ税務専門シニアマネージャー  神山 健一 (フランクフルト)

会場:  Zoom会議     言語: 日本語   参加費無料

ライブ配信視聴をご希望の方は、624日(水)17時(日本時間)までに下記メールアドレスまで、次の項目をお書き添えの上、お申し込み願います。お申し込み後、ライブ配信前日の25日(木)中に、 Zoom会議室へのアクセスリンクをお送りいたします。万一、期日までにリンクの送付が届かない場合は、下記担当までご一報ください。

申込締切:6月24日(水)17時(日本時間)まで  *締め切りました  

申込先:event@nrw.co.jp  (6月25日中にZoom会議室へのアクセスリンク送信)


  • <Name of Company or Institution>
  • <Name of Department>
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  • <First Name, Family Name>
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お問い合わせ先:八木橋 event@nrw.co.jp 


“M&A in Germany and Investments to Germany under COVID-19 – Turning Crisis into Opportunity” 

The COVID-19 pandemic is having a huge impact on economic activities on a global scale for the past few months. In Germany, where economic activity has gradually restarted  a few weeks earlier than in Japan, signs of economic recovery have finally appeared in last month’s figures. 

In this developing situation Japanese companies are continuing to focus on their business in Europe with some reviewing the acquisition of market share, technology and brands through M&A transctions in order to expand their European business or entering new markets. 

Germany, Europe’s largest and most attractive market, serves as business location for approximately 1800 Japanese companies. One third of them or more than 650 companies, have strategically important bases in North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW), mainly in the state capital Düsseldorf. 

The upcoming “NRW Japan K.K. Fireplace WebTalk” will focus on the topic of M&As in Germany and investments to Germany/NRW under COVID-19. Invited Speakers are members of the ARQIS Foreign Law Office and KPMG Germany, both from Germany.

26. June 2020 (Fri.) 16:00h – 17:50h (JST)  free of charge 

  • Moderator: Georg K. Löer, Representative Director & President, NRW Japan K.K. 
  • Speakers: Dr. Shigeo Yamaguchi, Attorney at Law,  Mr. Eberhard Hafermalz, Attorney at Law, ARQIS Foreign Law Office, Düsseldorf   
  • Speakers: Mr. Yusuke Okamoto, Global Japanese Practice Senior Manager, CPA, Düsseldorf, Mr. Kenichi Koyama, German Tax Specialist Senior Manager, Frankfurt, KPMG Germany

Location:  Zoom Conference,   Language: Japanese 

In order to register for the “NRW Japan Fireplace WebTalk” you are kindly requested to register latest by 24. June 2020 (Wed.), 17.00h (JST) by providing the following details per mail. We shall provide you with the log-in access link for the Zoom Webinar after receipt and approval of your registration on 25. June (Thu.). In the event that you do not receive the link on the stated date, please let us know by contacting the person in charge below. 

Registration Deadline: 24. June (Wed.), 17.00h (JST)  * Closed, thank you.

Registration: event@nrw.co.jp  (We will send you the access link to the Zoom Webinar on 25. June)

Please provide the following details for your registration in English

  • <Name of Company or Institution>
  • <Name of Department>
  • <Function / Title>
  • <First Name, Family Name>
  • <Mail Address>

In case of questions, kindly contact Ms. Yagihashi event@nrw.co.jp 


(ドイツ NRW州経済振興公社日本法人)