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Collaboration with economic development agencies

As a state institution NRW.Global Business plays an important role in the collaboration with local and regional economic development agencies. NRW.Global Business works on a partnership basis with the approx. 200 economic development agencies in North Rhine-Westphalia when it comes to location services and support for foreign companies. At the same time we assist the economic development agencies with a wide range of information and services.

Further training for economic development agencies

NRW.Global Business offers a further training program which is aimed at all employees of the economic development institutions in North Rhine-Westphalia. The seminars are developed by NRW.Global Business in collaboration with the Association of Economic Promotion and Development Agencies in NRW and the Municipal Economic Development Association NRW. Feel free to contact us!

Goals of further training

The purpose of the seminars is to provide information on important new developments in economic development, to discuss economic development concepts and to jointly work out solutions. During training, newcomers as well as economic development professionals and managers acquire new skills and insights, deepen their existing knowledge, familiarize themselves with practical examples and receive new stimuli for successful work in the field. The program includes basic, specialist and management seminars, for example on planning and building law, business formation and development, location marketing, communication and negotiation skills or event management.

Structure of further training

Participants can attend individual one- or multi-day seminars or learn the various aspects of economic development systematically in a modular or building block system and graduate with the "NRW.Global Business Economic Development Certificate". 

The NRW.Global Business Economic Development Certificate

As the people working in the economic development agencies have very different professional qualifications, NRW.Global Business has developed the "NRW.Global Business Economic Development Certificate", a practical further training course designed specifically for working in North Rhine-Westphalia. The various aspects of economic development have now been taught systematically on a modular basis in the NRW.Global Business further training program since 2011. In order to obtain the "NRW.Global Business Economic Development Certificate", participants must also write a scientific paper and pass an oral examination. The certificate documents the successful completion of the practical training by economic development specialists in North Rhine-Westphalia, also for future managers. 

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions

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Moritz Ernst

Project Manager Further Education

Völklinger Straße 4
40219 Düsseldorf, Germany

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Ruth Kampherm

General Manager Service for Economic Development Agencies

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40219 Düsseldorf, Germany

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Partners and associations

NRW.Global Business is involved in economic development at a municipal, regional and national level in a broad-based partnership and association network. The regular exchange with the associations in NRW and at national level supports the work of NRW.Global Business in location marketing, the acquisition and settlement of German and foreign investors, as well as strengthening locally based companies.

Nearly all of the North Rhine-Westphalian economic development agencies in predominantly municipal or regional ownership belong to the Association of Economic and Development Agencies NRW (VWE). With more than 80 members the association is by far the largest network of firms organized as limited liability companies within a federal state in Germany.

The VWE sees itself as a representative of the interests of its members vis-à-vis the EU, federal and state governments and other organizations. The association strives to establish benchmarks and help shape the future of the state through the intensive exchange of experiences and by taking up current and future-oriented issues of economic and structural policy. Current topics are discussed and experiences shared twice a year at the spring and autumn meetings.

The Forum of German Economic Development Agencies (FdW) is an annual meeting place for municipal economic development agencies from all over the Federal Republic, where they discuss key economic policy issues such as investment incentives, knowledge management, regionalization of economic development with representatives from politics, industry and science.

The FdW came into being in 2008, emerging from the annual congress of the Association of German Cities (DST) and the general assembly of the German Association of Economic Promotion and Development Agencies (DVWE). In collaboration with the County Association and the German Local Authorities Confederation a new platform has been created that brings together all municipal economic development agencies.

The event management of the FdW is the responsibility of the Difu (German Institute of Urban Affairs) in Berlin. Other congress partners are NRW.Global Business and AG WFB.

The economic development agencies of all 16 states have formed the Association of the Economic Development Agencies of the Federal States (AG WFB).

The purpose of the AG WFB is to exchange experiences and ideas as well as to implement joint activities in the field of economic development. These include location marketing, the acquisition of foreign companies and settlement consultancy.

The AG WFB meets for spring and autumn sessions and serves the federal government as a central point of contact for the federal states. A regular exchange is held between the federal and state governments via the "Investor Recruitment" advisory board of GTAI.

The Municipal Economic Development NRW association is a confederation of all the economic development agencies of the towns/cities, districts and municipalities in North Rhine-Westphalia.

Under the auspices of the three leading municipal associations, Municipal Economic Development NRW serves to exchange experiences and to promote the implementation of insights gained from practical problems in legislation.

Every year the association holds a congress entitled "Municipal Economic Development NRW" to discuss issues of economic development and structural improvement.

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INFO.KOMM Newsletter

Stay up to date! NRW.Global Business regularly publishes INFO.KOMM - the newsletter for the economic development institutions in NRW.

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