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Aachen-based startup ambeRoad develops Google for company data

The software is intended to revolutionize communication in companies.

© NRW.Global Business/Unsplash

© NRW.Global Business/Unsplash

To make it easier for companies to find internal information from texts, videos or company chats, the Aachen-based startup ambeRoad has developed a digital search engine. The founding team came up with this idea during their joint studies at RWTH Aachen University and through their experiences during internships.

With the self-learning search engine, which searches the company's connected servers when employees make inquiries, company data can be found within seconds. The special feature: The search works on a multimedia basis and searches not only the content of text documents, but also images, videos or audio files that contain knowledge in the form of explainer videos, podcasts or recorded video conferences. This prevents valuable know-how from being lost, for example, when employees leave the company.

Customers of ambeRoad already include the mining group RAG and the industrial company Siemens Energy.