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Partnership Limited by Shares (KGaA)


The partnership limited by shares (Kommanditgesellschaft auf Aktien, KGaA) combines the structures of a stock corporation (AG) and a limited partnership (Kommanditgesellschaft). It connects the entrepreneurial commitment and personal standing of the individually liable shareholders (general partners) with the function of the AG as a public company and source of capital. The KGaA can be described as a stock corporation having individually liable shareholders (general partners) instead of a management board.

The KGaA is not a frequently used legal form in Germany. It is liable to corporate income tax, solidarity surcharge and trade tax.

Liability of Partners

The KGaA can have an unlimited number of capital investors (limited shareholders), whose liability is limited once they have paid their subscribed capital contribution. The minimum share capital of a KGaA is (in total) EUR 50,000. The limited shareholders have more or less the same legal rights as shareholders in an AG. At least one partner of the KGaA, the general partner, has to be liable for debts and liabilities of the KGaA without limitation.


The KGaA must be entered into the commercial register and registered with the local trade office.

For detailed information on business registration please read:

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